Glass House

Glass House seeks to discover a new urban form that lies at the intersection between the city’s sound environment, the private mediascape of the cinema, and the public realm

Glass House Graphic


MusicTown 2015

For the MusicTown 2015 festival, Glass House is set up on the two lighting braziers directly in front of the Light House Cinema in Smithfield Plaza.

It will be running between 9:00 – 19:00 every day between Monday April 13th and Sunday April 19th.

The piece is not yet integrated with the cinema, and instead generates a series of ambient tonal clusters that hints at the more structured responsive composition that will form the final, permanent piece. For more information please get in touch.


Between the Cinema and the Public Realm

Glass House is a sound installation for Smithfield Plaza that listens to the films being screened in the adjacent Light House Cinema and uses the melodies from them to create a subtle sonic trace that hovers in the public space outside of the cinema – in Smithfield Plaza – while films are being screened. The title of the piece alludes to the composer John Cage’s theories equating experimental music to glass architecture, where one does not see the surface (or hear the music) but instead somehow looks (or listens) through it.

This sound installation spans the length of the square, embedded within the twelve lighting braziers that line the west side of the square. The resulting soundscape focuses on the open area of the plaza, leaving the apartments to the west and the small parks on the north and sound ends of the park relatively unaffected. The installation creates a responsive environment, continually adjusting its output according to the other sounds taking place on the site, and runs on a system of 13 networked computers and custom hardware that is integrated into both the plaza and the cinema.



Glass House is being created by Sven Anderson within Manual for Acoustic Planning and Urban Sound Design (MAP), a public artwork commissioned by Dublin City Council. This work takes place as part of Interacting With the City, the second strand of the Dublin City Public Art Programme, and is funded from the per cent for art scheme through the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government.

To be kept informed about the progress and launch date of Glass House, please register your interest by emailing sven.g.anderson@gmail.com.

For more information on the MAP project framework visit: